Telemach BiH donates modern tech equipment to Sarajevo faculty

NEWS 24.12.2020 16:22
Source: Telemach

The company Telemach BiH is celebrating its 10th birthday and decided to spread the joy of its first decade of successful business in Bosnia and Herzegovina with donations to ten institutions in ten towns in the country. This time, the company donated a modern tech laboratory, worth 40,000 Bosnian Marks, as well as free cable TV and internet service to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (ETF) in Sarajevo.

The students at the ETF will now have the opportunity to get acquainted with the practical application of DOCSIS technology, DVB-C technology, cable RF access technology, HFC network access and the complete CATV broadband network.


“I want to thank Telemach for recognizing the ETF as a strategic partner in higher education. The teaching process in the previous period was mainly based on simulation and theoretical techniques. This is now changing with the introduction of modern laboratory equipment that significantly strengthens scientific research capacities in the Department of Telecommunications,” said the Dean of the university, Jasmin Velagic.

Samir Secerovic, Director of Telemach's Services Department, said that the company continuously invests in the introduction of modern technologies in BiH and aims to make “all the latest technological achievements available in the domestic market.”

“Since its inception, our Telemach has been a place and opportunity for young and educated Bosnians, above all for hardworking, ambitious, energetic and creative people, for career development, professional advancement, as well as an innovative approach to business. I am sure that many students of the ETF will join our corporation in the future because our cooperation with the faculty is also an excellent business opportunity for them,” said Hajdi Mostic, President of the Board of Directors of the Telemach Foundation.

Telemach BiH, which employs more than 650 people, is committed to the progress of the community where it operates and to assisting various social groups.

Telemach BiH and its services, EON and Total TV, as well as the TV channels and web portal of N1 and Nova BiH, operate as part of the United Group.