Ahmici and Trusina massacre anniversary

Source: Anadolija

Saturday marks the 29th anniversary of crimes committed in the villages of Ahmici near Vitez, where members of the Croatian Defense Council (HVO) killed 116 civilians, and Trusina near Konjic, where members of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina killed 15 civilians and seven previously surrendered soldiers.

Atif Ahmic from the Association “April 16” said that very few people were held accountable for the killings of 116 civilians, ie one person under command responsibility and only a few perpetrators of crimes in a village a few kilometres away from Vitez, adding that the families of the victims are most worried about the remains of all victims not being found even 29 years after the crime.
Ahmić recalled that the remains of nine victims from Nadioci, the hamlet of Ahmici, who were exhumed in 1998 in the area of Medjini in Mostar, as well as two other people from the bus station in Kratina, were recently identified in the premises of the Public Utility Company “Gradska groblja Visoko”.

According to him, in addition to the nine recently identified, the remains of another 19 Ahmici residents are being sought, and they recently asked the competent authorities for more engagement.


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