AI: Situation in Bosnia a consequence of ‘atrocious’ EU migrant policy

NEWS 19.01.2021 12:54
Source: N1

The current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a consequence of the authorities' intransigence but also of atrocious European Union's migrant policy, said the European office of the Amnesty International.

Residents in Lipa do not have access to water, sanitation or regular meals, the organisation warned, urging the European institutions to solve the problem in Bosnia's northwest, where hundreds of migrants were left in the open after the Lipa camp, some 15 kilometres outside the town of Bihac, closed down last month.

“Safe routes for people seeking safety/to make a life in Europe could prevent this from happening year on year,” the Amnesty International said on the day when the European Parliament is ina plenary session discussing on the ‘Humanitarian situation of refugees and migrants at the EU's external borders’.

The human rights activists recalled that the local authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina installed tents, a few showers, while the Red Cross secured basic assistance for the migrants and refugees.

“This is welcome, but tents will not make the Lipa site any more suitable for long-term accommodation,” the Amnesty International stressed, urging the European Commission to work with BiH authorities to develop long-term solutions to meet the needs of the people and “prevent another crisis next winter.”


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