Air tankers from Croatia engaged to fight Blidinje Nature Park wildfire in BiH

NEWS 22.07.2022 20:15
Helikopter OS BiH
Source: Helikopter OS BiH (Ministarstvo odbrane BiH/ilustracija)

About 160 hectares in the area of the Blidinje Nature Park have already been destroyed in a wildfire which airtankers from Croatia are trying to put under control, the head of the local civil protection administration, Drago Martinovic, told the Fena news agency.

Due to the wildfire raging throughout the Cvrsnica mountain for the fifth day, which also affected the larger parts of the Blidinje Nature Park, the municipal authorities in the southern town of Posusje declared the state of natural disaster on Thursday.


Martinovic said that another helicopter from Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity is expected to arrive and help put out the fire.

He pointed out that the wind is creating a big problem for firefighters as it spreads and reignites the blaze.


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