Alastair Campbell for N1: Economic consequences will be a challenge for BiH

NEWS 07.02.2021 18:54

How he survived a nervous breakdown in 1986, why he thought about politics even in the most difficult moments of his life and why Tony Blair still chose him for his political team in Downing Street, former closest associate of the British Prime Minister Alastair Campbell talks about these but also many other topics in an exclusive interview with N1 from his home in London. Campbell talks about depression, Boris Johnson and BREXIT, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, but also about how he sees the Western Balkans today.

Speaking about the Balkan region, he said the most important thing is that the US now has a government that understands that places like Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, and that those countries are important, not some distant places they know little about. As for Britain, Campbell said it is hard to say because he feels Brexit made their position on some of these broader international issues less relevant.

Speaking about Bosnia in particular, he believes the Union and Brexit were not particularly encouraging and that perhaps they made the situation even more difficult for countries like Bosnia. Campbell feels as if the relationship between the EU and Bosnia has gone a bit astray.

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