Albanian parliament fails to discuss resolution on Srebrenica genocide

NEWS 12.05.2022 17:31
Source: Reporteri

Albanian parliament rejected a resolution on “recognising the genocide in Srebrenica," media reported on Thursday but Prime Minister Edi Rama dismissed the allegations, saying that the parliament did not overturn any resolutions on Srebrenica but has “simply refused to include the document into procedure."

Rama tweeted that owing to votes of his Socialist Party, the parliament actually rejected a request of some opposition political parties to hold a session that would discuss a resolution on recognisisng and condemning the genocide in Srebrenica.

He said there was no resolution and called it a “wicked game” of former Albanian prime minister Sali Berisha and his followers.

“Those who complain the most about alleged failure of a resolution on Srebrenica in the Albanian parliament, should first ask themselves why this resolution exactly today, for what reason? Then they should be informed about the text in question and finally they should learn it. that it was not a resolution but a wicked game,” said the prime minister.

Referring to former PM Berisha, he said it was a “wicked game of the one whom the US declared corrupt person and the one who undernmines democracy, known in the world as the one who broke embargo on Slobodan Milosevic (former president of Serbia).”

Kosovo-online earlier reported that the Albanian parliament rejected the resolution and carried that Berisha addressed the Assembly of Albania, accusing the MPs who represent the majority that they “voted at order of (Serbian President) Aleksandar Vucic.”

“There has never been so anti-albanian Albania like it does in the era of (Albanian Prime Minister) Edi Rama,” he stressed.

MP Tritan Shehu noted that this was a “bitter and bad day” for the Albanian parliament, as this is the only parliament without a formal document that condemns the genocide.

“This is the day that leaves a heavy trace on democratic world. Just a few days ago these gentlemen voted against a resolution that condemns the Russian genocide in Ukraine. Today they refused a resolution on condemning the Serb genocide in Bosnia, tomorrow they won't accept to condemn the Serb genocide in Kosovo. Why? Those are the relations, obligations, Vucic is above. Those are the goals, that's why we were marked today in the Albanian parliament,” said Shehu, according to the Kosovo online media outlet.

The article has been updated after Rama provided further information on the matter.


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