Ambassador Sattler: The only place for Bosnia to be is the one in EU

NEWS 01.10.2021 18:31
Johann Sattler
Source: Johann Sattler (Fena)

European Union has various mechanisms at disposal, which means that a “carrot” i.e. financial support can be replaced with “stick” or, in other words, sanctions, EU ambassador Johann Sattler told N1. He said that the only place for Bosnia and Herzegovina to be is the one in the EU.

Commenting on the secession threats coming from Serb member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency Milorad Dodik, the ambassador said this was unacceptable and impossible.

He urged the politicians and leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina to go back to the negotiating table, adding that the only place for BiH is the one in the EU.

Asked if this is the moment for a “carrot” to be replaced with a “stick,” Sattler replied that the EU has various mechanisms at disposal. I confirm that we also have a stick at disposal, if necessary we will use it, he added.

However, he could not tell if this would happen, noting that this is a sort of a decision that is passed by the Council of EU.

Speaking about the visit of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to BiH this week, Sattler said this meant a significant message of the EU that it wants this region in the membership.

He recalled that the Presidency of BiH was told a year ago in Brussels that the path to the candidate status for the country is open but that the country must meet the conditions for that.

EU has done its task, but what is missing are the actions of local politicians, Sattler concluded.


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