Ambassadors at Lipa camp: First important goal achieved, migrants get heating

NEWS 13.01.2021 19:49
Source: N1

Head of the European Union's office and ambassadors of Germany and Austria in Bosnia and Herzegovina paid a visit on Thursday to migrant centre Lipa, Bosnia's northwest, which secured basic living conditions for its residents, hundreds of them.

“First important goal achieved – 750 migrants/refugees are now placed in heated tents in Lipa,” EU ambassador Johann Sattler tweeted from the camp, adding that the next step will include the protection for those in makeshift tents around Bihac, the administrative centre of the Una-Sana Canton, Bosnia's northwestern part most affected by the migrant crisis.

The ambassadors were accompanied by representatives of the international organisations and local authorities, with whom they discussed the urgent solutions for migrants.

The visit comes weeks after the Lipa migrant camp, initially run by the International Organisation for Migrations (IOM), shut down and some of its tents were set on fire, leaving hundreds of migrants in the open at sub-zero temperatures, in inhumane living conditions.

After the local authorities in the Una-Sana Canton refused to reopen the former camp Bira, in Bihac's urban zone over as they said security reasons, the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina set up their special tents at Lipa location which have now been adjusted to accept the migrants.

They were provided with heating, food and healthcare, as well as electric power supply and shower area.


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