Ambassadors to media professionals in BiH: Stay strong, stay professional

NEWS 03.05.2021 10:25
Source: Foto: FENA/Ilustracija

Journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina face more and more challenges and this concerns everyone, because the freedom of speech and freedom of media are cornerstones of democracy, Swedish ambassador Johanna Stromquist and head of the OSCE Mission in BiH Kathleen Kavalec said in a joint message on the World Press Freedom Day.

Attacks, threats, lawsuits and accusations are deterring many journalists today from doing their work, with women journalists being “particularly vulnerable,” they warned.

“Authorities must make sure that journalists have access to accurate information and that they are free to report without fear. We encourage everyone to join forces to protect and respect freedom of expression and freedom of the media,” the ambassadors said.

“Stay strong, stay professional,” Stromquist and Kavalec said in their message to media professionals in BiH.


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