Another BiH national evacuated from Kabul

NEWS 19.08.2021 12:32
Source: Wakil Kohsar / AFP

Another Bosnian national was evacuated from Kabul on Wednesday evening in light of the developments in Afghanistan, the BiH Ambassador in Pakistan, Sakib Foric, confirmed for N1.

Another two of the 11 BiH nationals who were determined to be in the country when the Taliban started taking over are still awaiting evacuation.


“They are located in a base, about 500 meters from the airport. There are efforts ongoing to create conditions for their transfer, but we should keep in mind that now a large number of Afghans are around the airport itself,” Foric said.

The remaining BiH citizens who were evacuated earlier are in Doha and Istanbul. The group that is in Istanbul will be joined by the person evacuated last night. Their return to BiH could take place on Thursday.


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