Arrest warrants to be issued for Zoran Mamic after he fails to report to prison

NEWS 11.05.2021 19:51
Zoran Mamic
Source: Dubravka Petric/PIXSELL

Football coach Zoran Mamic, who was sentenced to four years and eight months in prison for siphoning money from the Dinamo football club, failed to report to the Remetinec prison by midnight Monday, after which a process began to issue a European Arrest Warrant and an Interpol warrant after him.

Mamic joined his fugitive brother Zdravko Mamic, who had been sentenced to six and a half years in prison in the same case, in the neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina in late April, saying he wanted to serve his prison term there. A panel of judges in Zagreb County Court rejected his request yesterday, making the ruling on his imprisonment final.

Both brothers hold dual citizenship of Croatia and Bosnia, and Zdravko had already successfully fought extradition to Croatia.

“The authorities in Bosnia must act on the arrest warrant. This means they must arrest Zoran Mamic and decide whether he can be extradited to Croatia. If Bosnia refuses to extradite him, Mamic will remain free in Bosnia until he is arrested some other way, if not based on the Interpol warrant, then based on the European arrest warrant,” court spokesman, Kresimir Devcic, said.

He added that, if he is not arrested, Mamic cannot leave the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina until the statute of limitations in his case expires.

Out of the four people convicted of syphoning money out of Dinamo football club – Zdravko Mamic, Zoran Mamic, Damir Vrbanovic, and Milan Pernar – only Pernar, former tax collector, reported to prison by midnight Monday, where he is to serve his sentence of three years and two months.

Damir Vrbanovic, sentenced to three years in prison, has to report to Remetinec within the next 15 days.


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