Artworks made out of 250kg of waste presented in Sarajevo

NEWS 15.09.2021 16:08
Source: Izložba traje još danas

Over the past two days, more than 90,000 visitors to the Sarajevo City Center have been intrigued by an exhibition of works of art made of waste materials, such as a three-meter-long turtle made of cardboard boxes or a whale's tail over two meters high.

Five unique works, created by famous artists of the Center for Art and Art Education “ArkA”, were created as part of Nestlé's initiative called “Pure Art”.

Visitors have had the opportunity to witness works of art created from 250 kilograms of waste material, which artists have given a new purpose and turned into visionary works with a strong message about the importance of nature conservation.

During the first day of the exhibition, those present were able to help in the action of donating garden seedlings to schools in BiH by simply pressing a button, so that in less than 12 hours citizens ensured that Nestlé donates over 3,000 seedlings.

The company said they will continue working on raising awareness of the importance of caring for the environment and greater activation of the industry on this issue, as well as with investments for a better, healthier and sustainable future.


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