Association to distribute copies of translated Dayton Agreement to citizens

NEWS 26.02.2021 09:11
Source: N1

An association from Banja Luka will be handing out copies of the peace agreement that ended the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to inform people about what is really written there.

The authentic text of the General Framework Agreement for Peace, better known as the Dayton Peace Agreement, cannot be found on the official website of any institution of Bosnia and Herzegovina due to the fact that the document and its annexes have never been officially translated into Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian.

There is no official translation, but citizens in one of Bosnia and Herzegovina's entities, Republika Srpska, will soon receive a written copy of it anyway.

The association “Politikolog” from Banja Luka printed 50,000 copies, which it plans to hand out on the street and offer to people door to door.

It it not known who did the translation, but the association announced that every citizen of that Bosnian entity will receive a copy by the end of the year.

They have also announced the printing of another 300,000 copies so that every family in the RS can have a copy of it, the president of this association, Milan Ljepojevic, said.

“In order not to have others deciding, everything is written there, among other things, how it can be changed. So, we Serbs, that is, the Republika Srpska (RS), we just need the truth, and the truth is the original Dayton Peace Agreement,” he said.

“The Dayton Peace Agreement has brought not only peace, but with its annexes, including Annex IV, which is the Constitution of BiH, and Annex X, has determined our everyday life,” Ljepojevic told Radio Free Europe (RFE).


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