Attempted murder of a minor at the Usivak migrant reception centre

NEWS 16.05.2022 13:27
Source: Fena

A fight broke out between several migrants at the "Usivak" Reception Center over the weekend, and two were stabbed. According to the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of the Interior, an unknown person tried to kill a 17-year-old man from Afghanistan.

He sustained severe bodily injuries inflicted by a sharp object. Medical assistance was provided to him by the team of the Institute for Emergency Medical Aid of the Sarajevo Canton, and then to the University Clinical Centre in Sarajevo, where he was found to have serious bodily injuries. He was kept at the Thoracic Surgery Clinic.

“Another minor also suffered minor injuries. The on-duty prosecutor of the Cantonal Prosecutor's Office of the Sarajevo Canton was informed about this, who ordered that the event be qualified as the criminal offence of Attempted Murder,” the KS Ministry of the Interior stated.

The investigation was conducted by police officers of the Sarajevo Canton Police Directorate who will continue to work on shedding light on and documenting the mentioned criminal offence, as well as finding the perpetrators whose identity is known to the police officers.


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