Austria's Interior Minister expresses support for High Representative in BiH

NEWS 14.10.2021 17:01
Source: OHR

International community's High Representative (HR) in BiH Christian Schmidt met in Sarajevo with Austrian Minister for European and International Affairs, Michael Linhart, Thursday, and exchanged views on the current political developments in the country and the Western Balkans, with particular focus on Bosnia's challenges to the functionality, territorial integrity, and sovereignty.

The High Representative outlined the international community’s commitment to assist Bosnia and Herzegovina in fulfilling its EU integration goals, and readiness to help alleviate pressing economic issues but underscored this also presupposes domestic stakeholders doing their part.

“Strengthening of state institutions, functionality, and rule of law are requirements to achieve BiH’s graduation from international supervision and movement down the EU path. Thus, efforts to undermine the state’s effectiveness would mean working directly against the interest of citizens,” the High Representative said.

He thanked Minister Linhart for Austria’s unwavering support for BiH's EU aspirations, as well as for Austria’s invaluable role in the international community’s efforts in the country. including the significant contributions to the European peace-keeping force EUFOR.

Minister Linhart underscored that: “the High Representative and the Office of the High Representative can count on Austria’s continued, steadfast support. The HR’s mandate remains crucial for the stability and consolidation of the country and its path towards EU accession.”


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