BH Journalists condemns threats against Prometej media outlet and its editor

NEWS 07.08.2022 13:10
Source: N1

BH Journalists Association's steering board and the Helpline for Journalists expressed full support to the journalists of the Prometej online media outlet and its editor Franjo Sarcevic, condemning the threats and verbal violence they have been exposed to over the past ten days through media and social networks.

“Sarcevic and his media outlet found themselves under attack by the Sarajevo-based political weekly magazine Stav and on social networks, after they reported in a critical manner and differently from the majority in Sarajevo about the current amendments to the Bosnian Election Law, the recent protests in front of the Office of the High Representative as well as the decision of the High Representative Christian Schmidt to impose changes to the Election Law,” BH Journalists Association said.

Namely, a journalist with Stav weekly labelled the Prometej media outlet, its editor Sarcevic and Sarcevic's wife as “carcinomas,” adding that “everything should be done to prevent their metastasis.

The same article accused the media outlet of supporting the “apartheid policy” and those who want to “thwart” the Bosniaks’ struggle for “statehood,” as carried by Stav. The article was followed by hate speech on social networks.

BH Journalists Association's steering board assessed as “unacceptable” the incitement and spreading of hate speech against the Prometej media outlet, editor Sarcevic and his family

“Any other behaviour, especially inciting or calling for violence against the media, journalists and anyone who dares to publicly express a different opinion through the media or social networks, is a serious violation of the right to freedom of expression,” said the association, adding that such actions could also be characterised as a criminal act of inciting violence and endangering security.

The association called on the police and the Sarajevo Canton Prosecutor's Office to take the necessary investigative actions and request legal sanctions against those who threaten the safety and legal freedom of expression of journalists and editors of the Prometej.

It was also reminded that Sarcevic and other journalists of this media outlet are often exposed to hate speech on Facebook and Twitter.

“The fact that among those who spread hatred and ethnic intolerance towards the Prometej, as well as its editors and journalists, there are persons generously supported by projects of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including some of the embassies and headquarters of international organizations and institutions based in Sarajevo, is concerning,” said the association and urged those international organisations, without naming them, to stop the practice of providing support to persons who are the main sources of hate speech and incitement to online violence towards the Prometej and other media outlets and journalists.


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