BiH 2021 Budget proposal includes 21,6 million BAM for battle against pandemic

NEWS 25.03.2021 15:55
Source: N1

According to the Draft Law on the Budget of Institutions and International Obligations of BiH for 2021, which the Council of Ministers adopted on Thursday, 21,684,000 Bosnian Marks are earmarked for the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

The Finance Ministry will now submit the Draft Law to the Presidency, which will propose it to Parliament.

It says that the Council of Ministers would determine the way this money is spent through special decisions.

Total revenues, receipts and financing of BiH institutions in 2021 amounts to 1,027,100,000 Bosnian Marks, which is an increase of three percent compared to the previous year's budget, while servicing the external debt of BiH amounts to 843,905,504 BAM, five percent higher than in last year’s budget.

The salaries of public officials remain unchanged this year.

Revenues from direct taxes amount to 780,000,000 BAM, the same as in 2020.

Total expenditures of the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and servicing the external debt in the Draft Budget for 2021 amount to 1,871,005,504 BAM and are higher by four percent than last year, the Council of Ministers said.


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