BiH Border Police unable to cover the entire border, Director says

NEWS 03.02.2021 14:47
Source: Fena

Bosnia's Border Police Director Zoran Galic said during the Wednesday meeting with the Prime Minister of Una-Sana Canton (USC) Mustafa Ruznic and the Mayor of Bihac Suhret Fazlic that it is currently impossibility for this agency to adequately protect the state border.

“We are still working according to the ordinance from 2000, which prescribes one officer per 16 kilometres and one patrol per 32 kilometres of the green border. We have been silent for the past four or five years, trying to cover up our shame. How can I convince our public or anyone else that we can guard the border with one patrol per 32 kilometres?! It would be absurd to defend such an idea from an expert point of view,” Galic stated.

Interlocutors pointed out that all the necessary preconditions for the reform of the BiH Border Police have been met, but that the competent state institutions have not implemented them for more than five years.

Certain joint activities were also agreed during the meeting in the north-western town of Bihac, mostly concerning the operational capabilities of the USC Police and the Border Police when it comes to controlling the movement of migrants and refugees.

According to Bosnia's Security Ministry Selmo Cikotic, there are currently less than 7,000 migrants in the country, 4,500 of which are in the Sarajevo Canton area and 2,500 in the Una-Sana Canton area.

Most of them are waiting for warmer weather in the spring to try and enter Croatia.


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