BiH-born Austrian politician: It's important we have a voice in German Bundestag

NEWS 27.09.2021 18:57
Ahmed Husagić
Source: Ahmed Husagić (N1)

The victory of the Social Democrats in Germany could change the country's attitude towards the Western Balkans the success of the SPD could be problematic for authoritarian forces in the region, Ahmed Husagic, who until recently served as integration coordinator in Austria’s Social Democratic Party (SPO), told N1.

Polling stations closed for more than 60 million eligible German voters at 6 p.m. on Sunday and, according to the first unofficial results, two candidates of Bosnian origin will enter the German Bundestag – Adis Ahmetovic and Jasmina Hostert, both members of the SPD.


Their success can partly be attributed to people of BiH origin who “are increasingly participating in elections in the countries where they live.”

“It is very important that we finally have a voice in the German Bundestag. And not only the voice of people who know the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also the people who feel the situation. Jasmina spent the war in Sarajevo, she was also wounded. The two have a family in BiH and they will represent the interests of BiH in a different way,” Husagic said, adding that he hopes he will have the opportunity to work on some projects with the two.

He said that “the atmosphere in Europe is slowly changing” and that social democrats have been winning elections in many countries.

“People want social security, but the most important thing is that they have realized that separating people leads to nothing. In recent years, we have had a strong growth of right-wing parties and people have obviously realized that this is not the right path,” he said.

As for the Western Balkans, the victory of the SPD, and especially if this party leads the German government, will mean a problem for some authoritarian regimes, he said.


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