BiH citizens to apply for ETIAS authorization to enter Schengen zone from 2023

NEWS 18.08.2022 11:22
Source: EPA

In November 2023, the European Union will introduce an automated European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) for travel to the Schengen zone for travellers who do not need a visa to enter the EU.

“The ETIAS does not introduce the obligation to have a visa for travellers from countries for which the visa-free travel regime in the EU is enabled, including travellers from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Citizens of third countries who do not need a visa to travel to the Schengen zone will need to apply for a travel authorisation before their trip using a simple procedure via the ETIAS website or mobile application and will have to pay a seven euro fee for this. The obtained ETIAS authorisation will be valid for three years,” the EU Delegation told FENA news agency Thursday.

Logging in to the application should not take more than 10 minutes and should not require any documentation other than a travel document (passport or another equivalent document). In case of impossibility of application due to age, level of literacy, access and competence of information technologies, etc., the application can be submitted by a third person.

The European Commission states that the number of automatically approved applicants will be over 95 percent, and applicants will receive an approval within a few minutes after payment.

“If there is a disapproval in any of the searched databases or an indecisive outcome of the automated process, a unit in the European Border and Coast Guard Agency or the relevant institution will conduct a manual review of the entry request,” the Delegation told Fena.


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