BiH CoM Chair and Montenegro's PM: Priority is connecting Podgorica and Sarajevo

NEWS 24.05.2021 12:59
Source: Faruk Zametica/N1

Connecting Podgorica and Sarajevo is a priority for the interests of citizens of both countries, Montenegro’s PM, Zdravko Krivokapic, and Bosnia’s Council of Ministers Chairman, Zoran Tegeltija, said after they discussed bilateral relations and various issues in Sarajevo on Monday.

“Our relations are friendly and without any open or controversial issues,” Tegeltija said, adding that BiH and Montenegro also have no issues regarding borders between the two countries.

He said that the priority of the talks was the economy, noting that the coronavirus pandemic had a negative impact on trade between the two countries.

The Council of Ministers Chairman announced activities to ease the border crossing procedure between BiH in Montenegro in the interest of citizens and businesses in both countries.

“Connecting Sarajevo and Podgorica, especially on the route Foca-Scepan Polje, is our priority,” he stressed.

Krivokapic commented on the recent uproar over statements by Montenegrin Justice Minister, Vladimir Leposavic, who said in March that he is prepared to recognize that genocide was committed in Srebrenica “once this is proven unequivocally.”

“Because of Srebrenica, I started the process of dismissing a minister, although I knew it could be an attempt to overthrow the government, the agreement I signed is more important to me than how long the government will last,” he said.

He noted that the Montenegrin parliament adopted a declaration accepting an EU Parliament resolution on Srebrenica in 2009.

“Krivokapic said that “the worst thing that is happening in this area is that the victims who are irreplaceable for their families are today being used for political purposes.”


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