BiH CoM Chair: No reason for Dubrovnik Mayor to worry about Trebinje project

NEWS 02.04.2022 15:04
Zoran Tegeltija
Source: N1

According to the Chairman of Bosnia’s Council of Ministers, the Mayor of Dubrovnik in Croatia who asked BiH to stop the construction of an airport in the southern town of Trebinje had no reason to do so.

Tegeltija said he received the letter from the Mayor of Dubrovnik in Croatia, Mate Frankovic, which was sent following the adoption of a Memorandum between the BiH Council of Ministers and the Government of Serbia which “determines the basic directions of future cooperation with the aim of implementing the project.”

Responding to the request, Tegeltija thanked the Dubrovnik mayor for mentioning the agreement on cross-border cooperation between the Council of Ministers and Croatia, arguing that it is especially important for the citizens of BiH when it comes to the construction of a radioactive waste dump in Trgovska Gora, Croatia.

BiH has repeatedly asked Croatia to give up on building the radioactive waste dump, and Tegeltija said the planned location, which is close to the Bosnian border, would have a negative effect on the health of the citizens in this area.


“Since the beginning of our mandate, the Council of Ministers and I, as the Chairman, are determined to work together with the (BiH) entity governments to improve the economic environment of both entities, but also to strengthen regional cooperation,” he said.

Tegeltija said he is ready to talk with the Government of Croatia and other countries in the region about all open issues that exist, as well as about all forms of cooperation that are important for all citizens.

“I look forward to the success and progress of any country that works for the benefit of its citizens. I am especially looking forward to the success of our neighbours because their progress means progress for us in BiH. I do not understand why the mayor of Dubrovnik is not looking forward to the construction of the airport in Trebinje, given the economic importance that its construction has not only for Trebinje, but also for BiH,” he said.


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