BiH election authority declares repeat election results for Srebrenica, Doboj

NEWS 25.02.2021 14:28
Source: You tube - printscreen

Bosnia’s election authority has on Thursday adopted decisions to declare the results of the repeated local elections in Doboj and Srebrenica, but two members of the institution did not support it.

Bosnia's Central Election Commission (CEC) annulled the results of the 2020 local election in Doboj and Srebrenica due to alleged election fraud, and the election was repeated in the two towns on Sunday.


According to the results of the repeated election, the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) is the clear winner in both Srebrenica and Doboj, both regarding the city assemblies and the mayoral posts.

At the CEC session on Thursday, one of the seven members of the body, Suad Arnautovic, said he would not support the decision to declare the election results for Srebrenica.

He argued that one category of voters, those who vote by mail, was not allowed to vote again in the repeated election and that the votes of those who did vote timely in the November election were not counted again. He alleged that, in the November 2020 election, the CEC did not send voters in other countries the voting material timely.

“It is incomprehensible that we do not treat one category of voters who vote by mail in the decision to repeat the elections, and thus a large number of voters are denied the right to exercise their right,” he stated.

This is the reason why the Bosniak coalition in the eastern town, the ‘My Address: Srebrenica’ initiative, boycotted the repeated election and urged its supporters to not vote on Sunday.

CEC member Vanja Bjelica – Prutina said the boycott was “unfortunate” and that it was “political.”

Member Ahmed Santic said he agrees with Arnautovic and that he will also not support the decision to declare Srebrenica’s election results.

But CEC Head, Zeljko Bakalar, said that “a lot has been done in order to ensure the elections take place accordingly” and that the CEC mailed the ballots “within a reasonable time.”


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