BiH Federation entity President: US sided with those who ordered my murder

NEWS 07.06.2022 17:43
Source: N1

The President of Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) entity, Marinko Cavara, issued a public statement after the United States imposed sanctions on him, arguing that the US State Department has “sided with those” who allegedly ordered his murder several years ago.

Cavara is one of the two officials the US sanctioned on Monday for “threatening the stability of the region by undermining the Dayton Peace Accords and democratic processes or institutions” in BiH.


According to the US Treasury, he refused to nominate judges from lists of candidates provided by the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council to fill vacancies at the FBiH Constitutional Court and thus “blocked the function of the Court’s Vital National Interest (VNI) panel.”

“Through his inaction, Cavara has held hostage the function of the VNI panel to further his and his party’s political interests,” a US Treasury statement said.

In his statement, Cavara strongly rejected the allegations.

“In my political work, I am fully working on the implementation of the Constitution, laws and the Dayton and Washington Peace Agreements and all other agreements relating to the Federation of BiH and BiH, and I am therefore surprised by these sanctions. On the other hand, I am surprised that the State Department has no more important work at a time when a new world order is being established than a political assessment of my work and punishment for something I could not have done,” he said.

He argued that the reason for the judges not being appointed is the same as the reason for the new FBiH Government not being established since 2018, which is “the lack of political agreement in the Federation of BiH,” arguing that he can not be held responsible for that.

He also strongly criticised the recent report on BiH which the High Representative of the international community in the country, Christian Schmidt, presented to the UN Security Council.

“I am aware that the law is on the side of the stronger, no matter how much it might be contrary to all the norms of the law of humanity, the individual and the sovereignty of states,” he said.

“I would like to point out that, because of this same problem, I was supposed to be killed in a planned car accident in 2017, and I am more surprised that the US State Department sided with those who ordered my murder. It is obvious that the disinformation in the USA came with the help of lobbied, bought informants,” he added.

Cavara noted that he does not have any property outside of BiH.

“In my work, I will continue, in accordance with the Constitution of the FBiH and BiH, to work for the establishment of a better and fairer BiH for all three constituent peoples and each of its inhabitants, regardless of those who are against it for any reason and no matter how powerful they may be,” he stated.


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