BiH Foreign Minister instructs diplomatic missions to promote sovereignty

NEWS 21.04.2021 12:50
Source: Bisera Turković/Twitter

Bosnia's Foreign Minister Bisera Turkovic instructed all BiH diplomatic and consular missions to actively promote and protect the core Constitutional principles and respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, following media allegations of a non-paper titled “Western Balkans – a way forward” which allegedly discusses the idea of Bosnia’s dissolution.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina is a sovereign, internationally recognized and independent state, a member of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the OSCE and other international organizations, a state that has applied for membership in the European Union, as well as a partner country of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Promoting the idea of changing the borders of BiH is contrary to democratic principles, human rights, relevant decisions and attitudes of the European Union institutions. Questioning the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the most serious violation not only of the Constitution of BiH but also of its international legal status and position,” Turkovic noted in instruction.

She stated that all BiH missions need to actively continue working on the protection and promotion of fundamental constitutional principles, respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of BiH in all contacts with foreign government officials, as well as with the highest officials of the institutions in which they are accredited, in accordance with Bosnia’s foreign policy goals which are clearly defined by the tripartite Presidency through the framework and guidelines for relevant BiH institutions. in this domain.

“You need to present as accurate and credible information as possible regarding Bosnia and Herzegovina, its legitimate institutions and processes. The authorities and officials of the institutions in which you are accredited need to be aware that any malicious idea that purposefully denies the continuity of BiH within its internationally recognized borders jeopardizes the enormous progress made over the last two decades, with strong international assistance from the US, EU and a number of other international organizations. At the same time, such actions do not contribute to regional cooperation and stability, do not support the reconciliation process and the atmosphere of interstate respect, where major progress has been made, and it is especially harmful to the interests of BiH citizens in the country and the world,” the instruction said.


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