BiH Grand Mufti: Ramadan is a special time when we can ask God for relief

NEWS 01.04.2022 12:05
Source: N1

The times in which we live are difficult, but they are easier to bear if the hardships are shared with siblings and neighbours," Hussein Kavazovic, the Grand Mufti of Bosnia’s Islamic Community told BIR television on Friday.

During his interview with BIR, the Reis-ul-Ulema assessed that the current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is complex and challenging.

“There are two verses in the Qur’an that, in a way, describe human life. One says that man will encounter increasing difficulties, and the other that relief will come after the difficulties. It seems to me that we are just witnessing such times, when we are entering from one difficulty to another, from the time of the pandemic we are entering a situation when the European war is on our doorstep. We hope that the doors of that war will be closed as soon as possible, and Ramadan is a special time when we can ask God for relief,” Kavazovic said, Preporod reports.

The Reis-ul-Ulema also recalled that the fundamental role of the Islamic Community is to organize religious life, be at the service of the people and be persistent in the mission of promoting good and deterring evil.

“Some people believe that the Community should take over the prerogatives of the state, political entities. The community neither can nor has this role. The community will always remain the organization of our people and it will be strong as long as the people in it work sincerely,” he noted.

The Grand Mufti used this occasion to send a Ramadan congratulation to all the faithful, saying that Ramadan is an opportunity for Muslims to confirm their faith.

“Ramadan is a blessed time, it has its blessings. We dedicate our soul and our body to Ramadan. In our tradition, Ramadan has always been welcomed with longing and with the hope that in Ramadan we will achieve God's nearness, and we do so this year, as well,” said, among other things, Grand Mufti Husein Kavazovic in an interview with Radio and BIR television.


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