BiH Islamic Community concerned over activities in Serb-majority region

NEWS 14.03.2022 15:34
Husein ef. Kavazović
Source: Husein ef. Kavazović (Fena)

The Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina expressed concern over the information about the activities that the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Bosnia's Serb-majority region, Republika Srpska, is conducting in relation with members of Bosnian Armed Forces on the entity's territory, demanding the international reaction.

Bosnian Defence Ministry was informed that the RS Ministry of Internal Affairs contacted the members of BiH Armed Forces living on the entity's territory over the past weeks and asked for certain information, contrary to the ordinary procedures.

The Defence ministry found it “symptomatic” that the activities started in the eastern Podrinje region and that only the Bosniak members of the Armed Forces were contacted at that time.

The Office of the Head of the Islamic Community Husein Kavazovic asked the international institutions and competent state bodies to inspect and shed light on these activities.

“Sharing the disturbance with the Bosniaks in the RS entity, the Islamic Community expects answers from the officials of the RS and the RS Ministry of Internal Affairs to the question why and based on what regulations and criteria the RS entity Ministry of Internal Affairs is making record of the members of the BiH Armed Forces and the state police and security agencies,” the statement said.

It was also noted that these activities raised concerns among the Islamic Community followers, “reminding them relentlessly of the methods, practice and methodology of the retrograde politics of the 1990s, when the lists of unsuitable citizens were made for the purpose od ‘final solutions,’ and it is known what had followed afterwards.”


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