BiH Islamic Community provides €25,000 for migrants and €50,000 for Croatia

NEWS 31.12.2020 17:35
Source: Rijaset Islamske zajednice

Concerned about the migrant crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the state of migrants, but also hoping to alleviate their suffering at least a little, the BiH Islamic Community decided Thursday to set aside some €25,000 for their accommodation, Muslim Information News Agency (MINA) reported.

The funds will be realized via Islamic aid organisation Merhamet and the Red Cross of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Islamic Community also provided €50,000 for the Croatian earthquake victims and these funds will be paid via the Croatian Islamic Community.

“The funds are intended to help those affected and hurt in the earthquake that hit parts of the neighbouring and friendly Croatia,” the Islamic Community said.

These are the first intervention funds that the Islamic Community allocated on this occasion, expecting to collect additional, significant funds during the Friday prayer which will be used to help Bosnia's neighbours, MINA reported.


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