BiH Min refuses to sign EC document mentioning Russia's aggression on Ukraine

NEWS 29.06.2022 19:30
Source: N1

Bosnia’s Communications and Transport Minister, Vojin Mitrovic, did not sign the proposed conclusions at the ‘Connecting Europe’ meeting of transport ministers in Lyon, France because the first paragraph mentions "Russia's aggression against Ukraine", RTRS reported.

“The submitted conclusions that arrived some four or five days ago have been changed and today we have these conclusions before us, in fact, the addition of the first paragraph in which the ‘Russian aggression’ is mentioned,” Mitrovic said.

He said that signing a document containing such a statement requires approval from Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency. He asked the participants and organisers of the meeting to allow him to sign the document after he gets consent from the Presidency.

“Please also keep in mind the sensitive situation in BiH, because we have three peoples and we really have to harmonise ojn those things so that BiH has a common position and can act in a united manner,” he said.

Mitrovic is a member of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD).

SNSD leader and one of Bosnia’s three Presidency members, Milorad Dodik, insists that BiH should be neutral on the issue of Russia’s war in Ukraine. The other two Presidency members, Sefik Dzaferovic and Zeljko Komsic, strongly condemned Russia’s activities and want to follow the EU’s policy fully regarding the issue.


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