BiH Parliamentarian: Croatian pipeline agreement with BiH's RS entity scandalous

NEWS 27.03.2021 12:42
Source: N1

A deal between Croatia and Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity that allowed the installation of a gas pipeline under the Sava river is “scandalous” and a grave violation of Bosnia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity since it was made without the approval of the BiH state institutions, BiH House of Representatives Deputy Speaker Denis Zvizdic said on Saturday.

Zvizdic urged the judiciary to immediately react based on three important regulations that were violated.

He listed the Vienna Convention on international agreements which defines that such a deal can only be made between states, arguing EU member Croatia must be aware of this.

He also listed Bosnia’ Constitution, according to which the country’s presidency is in charge of negotiations regarding international agreements – something both sides have violated, and the Law on Border Control, which is under the exclusive auspices of the Border Police.


“The Sava river is the internationally recognized border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Croatia and any interventions in the border area represent a severe violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina if not approved by the state,” Zvizdic said.

“This is why I am requesting this agreement to be declared void, as well as everything that resulted from it,” he added.

Croatia has completed the most important phase of the gasification of the Oil Refinery in Brod without the consent of the Presidency of BiH, the Council of Ministers and the Parliament. The project was executed based on an agreement made with the entity of Republika Srpska.

Some 450- meters-long gas pipes were installed under the riverbed overnight. Gas deliveries to the refinery should begin on June 1.


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