BiH power company says they cannot accept miners’ demands

NEWS 26.11.2021 16:34
Source: screenshot / YouTube

The miners union promised one thing Wednesday, and sent something on Friday, which cannot be met because they never agreed to that, the CEO of Elektroprivreda (EP) BiH, Admir Andelija told N1 Thursday, when asked to comment on miners’ halt of coal production that has been in effect since Wednesday.

“Of course, the demands that have not even been agreed cannot be met. A completely different agreement was reached on Wednesday. The demands sent by the union would only increase the mines’ debt. In the [new] Agreement, the trade union demands an increase in the price of coal by 20%, ie an additional 55 million Bosnian marks, in order to increase salaries by 20%, while the EP and the citizens would pay for that through the price of electricity. We can't agree to that because of all the people, the citizens in the FBiH,” the EP BiH CEO told N1.
On Wednesday, coal miners in Bosnia’s Federation (FbiH) entity walked out of their mines and halted production demanding a minimum wage of €500, full compliance with the collective agreement as well as Andelija’s resignation.

When asked to comment on the demands for his resignation, the CEO said:

“The union’s unable to break away from the practice when appointing and removing CEOs was in their power. Gone are the days when the Union appointed and removed CEOs. I urge them to return to normal relationships. What is agreed will be respected. We have a situation where the Union said one thing on Wednesday and sent something else on Friday and mobilized the public on fears that their salaries be 570 Bosnian marks (some €280). We have proved that it was not the case, that no salary will be reduced. They are consciously doing this,” the power company CEO said within which the mines affected by the production halt operate.

He concluded by saying the miners are blackmailing the entire state, wanting to cause a collapse of the entire economy for their own interests.


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