BiH Presidency member criticises High Rep over election law changes speculations

NEWS 19.07.2022 10:19
Source: F.Z./N1

The citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina will certainly not accept anti-European solutions, Bosnia Presidency member Zeljko Komsic said commenting on media speculations that the international community's High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina Christian Schmidt could impose changes to the Election Law that go along the proposal earlier presented by the major Croat party in BiH.

According to some media outlets, Schmidt was going to impose the law changes that would suit the wishes of the Croat majority party HDZ BiH.

“I am sure that the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina are not ready to accept anti-European solutions that deepen ethnic divisions in the Election Law,” said Komsic.

“Schmidt should think well what is h taking in consideration and be sure that the decision at expense of the citizens and the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot go without consequences,” he added.

Komsic also invited all “pro-Bosnian options” to declare on this matter.

Our Party MP Predrag Kojovic earlier said that such changes, if imposed, would be against “common sense and democratic, civic values of the EU” but would also be against the Constitutional Court's decisions.


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