BiH Presidency members agree: Prosperous and stable Montenegro in BiH's interest

NEWS 04.06.2021 12:40
Source: Komšić, Džaferović i Đukanović (Fena)

A stable and prosperous Montenegro is in the interest of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it will continue to develop traditionally good relations with Montenegro, BiH's Bosniak and Croat Presidency members Sefik Dzaferovic and Zeljko Komsic said Friday after a meeting with Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic, following a two-day visit to this country.

“Considering the change in the Montenegrin Government following the elections, it was important to see whether there would be a change in relations towards Sarajevo. On the contrary, the relationships will continue to develop in a traditional manner. This is very important for us, because Montenegro, a country with which we have almost no unresolved issues, as a NATO member state and as a country in the region that has advanced the most in the EU integration process, our interest is that it stays on that path. It is very important to us that there are no dilemmas regarding NATO in Montenegro because those dilemmas can open many questions – not only in relations with BiH but would create a bigger disturbance not only in the Western Balkans region but also beyond. It is important for us that the system of values that is cultivated in Montenegro is something we agree on, and that is that our societies and countries are societies in which basic human rights are respected, where there is room for all people,” Komsic stressed.

Speaking about the fact that the Serb Presidency member did not join them in the two-day visit, Komsic said that was unfortunate and that only then this visit would be complete.

Dzaferovic said this visit followed after an uncomfortable situation in which Montenegro President Milo Djukanovic's visit to Bosnia was vetoed in the BiH Presidency by Milorad Dodik.

“I'm sorry it came to that and I couldn't wait for the pandemic to subside and measures to relax so we could visit Montenegro. A stable and prosperous Montenegro is in Bosnia’s interest. It is the Montenegro which is a NATO member state, Montenegro which is quickly gaining ground on its EU membership path and Montenegro where inter-ethnic relations are relaxed in the best possible way,” he said adding that all this was achieved during President Djukanovic’s time in office.

Despite the change in the government after the elections, Montenegro’s strategic goals remained unchanged, he said, which is the most important thing.

Montenegro’s Djukanovic emphasized that the two countries must belong to the European and Euro-Atlantic future.
“My satisfaction is twofold. Here are the representatives of the highest state body of the friendly state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. These are Montenegro’s and my personal friends, and I can say that it could hardly have been more satisfying and a better start to the live diplomacy after a fasting one-year period caused by Covid-19. This was an opportunity to make a brief summary of our state relations. It could be communicated in short terms through mutual satisfaction with the relations that we believe are not only beneficial to our countries and our citizens, but as exemplary relations are beneficial to the region in which we live,” said Djukanovic.

“Our talks focused mainly on Euro-Atlantic issues and goals. When it comes to European and Euro-Atlantic goals, I conveyed to the distinguished guests our belief that our countries must have a European and Euro-Atlantic future, that this is the best choice for our countries,” the President of Montenegro said.

He concluded that Montenegro is closely following all Bosnia’s efforts and in this regard, they are glad that the Reform Program for 2020 adopted, and that the Commission for Cooperation with NATO was formed.


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