BiH Presidency supports budget draft, including 12,5 million BAM for elections

NEWS 08.06.2022 15:15
Source: N1

Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency expressed support for the state budget draft for 2022, which includes funds for organising the October elections in the amount that is in line with a decision imposed by the High Representative of the international community in the country.

The Draft will now be sent to both Houses of Parliament and may be adopted next week, said Presidency member, Milorad Dodik.

“We talked about how to mitigate the demands of the Central Election Commission (CEC), adjusted to the level of 12,528,000 Bosnian Marks. The Council of Ministers will pay the money after the budget is adopted,” Dodik said.


Ultimately, the BiH Presidency adopted a budget in line with the decision of Christian Schmidt, the international official overseeing the civilian implementation of the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement in BiH. Schmidt used his Bonn Powers to impose the decision on Tuesday.

Dodik, however, stressed that the Presidency members did not discuss that decision, but that this money had been provided in the budget previously and that the BiH Finance Minister, Vjekoslav Bevanda, “had unnecessarily initiated an illegal procedure” with the different draft he had submitted earlier.

Dodik strongly criticised Schmidt for using the Bonn Powers.

“What Schmidt did was just charade. He tried to bring disorder to the legal and financial level. The budget in the form of a proposal is being sent to both Houses of Parliament today and can be adopted next week. That is not happening because of Schmidt. He is a fake High Representative,” Dodik said, reiterating his position that Schmidt does not have the legitimacy to serve the post.


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