BiH Prosecution: 22-y-o Bosnian charged with terrorism

NEWS 13.01.2021 09:46
Source: N1

BiH's Terrorism Department Prosecutor charged Jahja Vukovic (AKA Abdulaziz), born in 1999 in Bihac, with terrorism for allegedly fighting in Syria among the ranks of the Al Nusra Front group which was declared a terrorist by the UN Security Council, Prosecution said Wednesday.

According to the indictment, Vukovic left Bosnia in June 2014 and went to Germany, where he spent some two months after which he departed for Turkey from where he illegally crossed the border with Syria to join terrorist organisations active in that country.

He allegedly stayed in that country until the defeat of ISIS, from where he escaped to Turkey where he hid until he was arrested and extradited to Bosnia in October 2020.

The Prosecution claims that the evidence gathered alleges that the accused joined the formations within the terrorist organization Al Nusra Front and other terrorist groups whose members committed daily armed actions, such as attacks on the civilian population, killings, illegal detentions, hostage-taking and other acts of terrorism, with the intention of forcibly changing the constitutional order and regime.

The indictment alleges that he stayed in the said region with other Bosnians who went to Syria with the same intentions.


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