BiH Prosecution forms cases against secret service head over recent recording

NEWS 20.09.2021 17:59
Source: N1

Bosnia’s Prosecutor's Office said it received two criminal complaints against the Director of the BiH secret service accusing him of several criminal offences, including abuse of authority, obstruction of justice and blackmail after recordings of an alleged meeting between him and the country’s Chief Prosecutor emerged in the media.

“Also, the reports allege illegal use of the agency's financial resources, as well as the illegal conduct and undertaking of measures and actions of monitoring and supervision of certain persons,” the Prosecutor’s Office said, adding that it formed two cases.


Several days ago, local media reported on an audio recording of a conversation that allegedly took place between OSA Director, Osman Mehmedagic, and BiH Chief Prosecutor, Gordana Tadic.

In the recording, which lasts 40 minutes, Mehmedagic and Tadic seem to be discussing the case of the OSA director’s diploma, which he was accused of acquiring illicitly. He also seems to be complaining about prosecutor Oleg Cavka.

Another recording emerged a day later, allegedly featuring Mehmedagic speaking about how he kicked a journalist, tasked OSA with monitoring another journalist, and discussing top judicial officials.

Meanwhile, the OSA initiated a procedure to have experts examine the recording in order to determine who recorded it.

“In this case, we will request the engagement of certified experts from the territory of the European Union,” the OSA said.

The agency also said it will submit a report to the Office of the Disciplinary Prosecutor of Bosnia’s top judicial institution, the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC), regarding the case, as well as a criminal complaint alleging “unauthorized wiretapping and audio or optical recording of persons who have access to classified information.”

“In its work, OSA BiH strictly adheres to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, and therefore we once again call on the competent institutions, excluding the Prosecutor's Office of BiH, to urgently investigate this crime,” the OSA BiH said.


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