BiH Prosecution won't investigate five individuals accused of Tuzla war crimes

NEWS 14.01.2022 20:32
Source: N1

The Truth, Justice, Reconciliation Foundation in Tuzla said it will appeal the decision of the BiH Prosecutor's Office to not to conduct an investigation against five people for the wartime shelling of the Bosnian city.

It was also announced that there would be no investigation into the May 25, 1995 massacre at Kapija, which left survivors and parents of the victims disappointed with the justice system in the country.

The Truth, Justice, Reconciliation Foundation filed a criminal complaint against Mile Dubajic, Momir Zec, Veljko Brajic, Milan Nedeljkovic and Dobrasin Prascevic 15 years ago, accusing them of the wartime artillery operations in Tuzla. The State Prosecutor's Office has now said there will be no investigations based on the complaint.

The Prosecutor's Office states that the collected evidence confirms that Tuzla was shelled in the period 1992-1995, that civilians were killed and wounded and that cultural and religious buildings were destroyed, but that shelling could not be brought into connection with the reported persons.

The shelling of Kapija in Tuzla is known as one of the worst war crimes committed in the country in the past war. A shell was fired at the neighbourhood, killing 71 and wounding 150 people. The victims were overwhelmingly young people.

“They say they did not have enough evidence. But we as parents, working in the commission, we passed so much evidence to them, that it is really a shame,” said Zineta Hidanovic, the mother of one of the victims, Alem.

“Novak Djukic himself could not do what he did without his assistants,” she said, referring to the Bosnian Serb commander who was sentenced for the massacre.


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