BiH prosecutors formed 22 cases based on genocide denial ban so far

NEWS 05.08.2021 12:46
Source: Fena

The Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina has formed 22 cases so far regarding the crime of genocide denial, the institution confirmed for N1 on Thursday.

The former High Representative in Bosnia tasked with overseeing the civilian implementation of the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement, Valentin Inzko, imposed amendments criminalising genocide denial and glorification of war crimes in Bosnia on July 23.


That same day, Bosnia’s Prosecutor's Office announced it will form a case against anyone who denies genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, as soon as the law comes into force – which happened on July 28.

Those who violate the new law face a prison sentence of three months to five years.

The President of the Srebrenica Assembly, Camil Durakovic, was the first to file a criminal complaint based on the law, against a journalist from the public broadcaster in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity.

The RS National Assembly rejected the law, and Milorad Dodik, the Serb member of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency, said that RS police would prevent any arrests based on it in the territory of the entity.


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