BiH RS entity President: Const Court ruling on forests is an attack on the RS

NEWS 24.09.2021 17:09
Source: RTRS

According to the President of Bosnia's Republika Srpska (RS) entity, Zeljka Cvijanovic, the Constitutional Court ruling that forests in the territory of the RS are not the property of the entity but that of the state of BiH represents a “coup” and an attack on the RS and its competencies.

Cvijanovic commented on the Thursday decision by the Court, which found that certain provisions of the RS Law on Forests, in which the ownership of forests in the territory of that entity is exclusively treated as the property of the Republika Srpska, are not in accordance with the Constitution.


“The unconstitutional attempt of gradual centralization of BiH by the institution for which the Dayton (Peace Agreement) Constitution should be sacred, irreversibly destroys both the trust among the peoples in BiH and the very foundations on which it rests,” Cvijanovic said.

She stressed that “Republika Srpska is obliged to protect its property with appropriate decisions of its institutions and return things to the constitutional framework” in order to “repair the damage” that she argued was caused by “unconstitutional actions or decisions” of High Representatives (who oversee the civilian implementation of the Dayton Agreement) or the Constitutional Court.


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