BiH security-intelligence agency warns of danger of cyber attacks

NEWS 03.09.2022 12:09
Source: Unsplash

The Security-Intelligence Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (OSA) on Friday warned of the danger of cyber attacks on computer systems in the country, calling on state institutions as well as private companies to take the necessary precautions.

In a statement for the media, OSA said that a large number of cyber incidents had been reported in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the rest of the region lately.

The security-intelligence agency issued the statement after the Avaz media company said that its website and Facebook profile had been hacked, describing it as an open attack on media freedoms.

OSA said that it had been in contact with domestic and foreign partners on a daily basis with the aim of protecting citizens and institutions from malicious influence and threats that had become more frequent lately.

“OSA has been on the lookout for any attempt at illegal activity in cyberspace in order to track down the perpetrators and establish their motives,” the agency said.


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