BiH special police conducting searches in connection with Dzenan Memic case

NEWS 01.02.2021 08:58
Source: N1

Police officers of Bosnia's Special Police (State Investigation and Protection Agency-SIPA) are conducting searches at two locations in Sarajevo Canton with the aim of gathering evidence as part of the case for organized crime and obstruction of the investigation into the death of Dzenan Memic from February 2016.

The activities are carried out Upon the order of the BiH Prosecutor's Office which has been working on the case for a long time and refers to criminal offences of organized crime, in connection with obstructing the investigation and concealing evidence of Dzenan Memic's death in February 2016.

Dzenan Memic was 21 years old when his body was discovered in February 2016 in Sarajevo.

The Court initially ruled that Memic died after being struck by a car, but in a recent trial, those accused of causing the accident were cleared of responsibility.

The father of the young man, Muriz Memic, was satisfied with the ruling because he never believed that his son's death accidental. He is convinced that local authorities, specifically the Prosecutor’s Office, are trying to protect the murderers of Dzenan.


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