BiH women's basketball team members: Financial support was very important to us

NEWS 18.02.2021 13:30
Source: N1

Nothing can compare to the joy that overcame Bosnia’s women's basketball team at the end of the match that secured their participation at the European Championship for the first time in 22 years, team members told N1, adding that financial support, such as that from the Telemach company, was very important for achieving this success.

Bosnia's Women’s basketball team won the match against Switzerland on February 4, securing a place at the EuroBasket 2021.


“Our reaction after the sound of the siren said it all,” said team member Nikolina Dzebo, explaining that there was a lot of pressure on the team regarding that match.

This is especially because three “very important team members were not participating, she explained.

“When it came to an end the feeling was phenomenal. After 22 years, we went to the European Championship and we achieved our goal,” she said.

According to team member Milica Deura, it was a very emotional moment, with “both tears and laughter.”

“Nothing can compare to that feeling. It was really something special and something none of us had experienced before because none of the girls ever competed in the European Championship,” Deura said.

“We knew what we were playing for, what was at stake, and what it will all bring us and after the match, we were overjoyed and smiling. This is why we are in involved in n sports, it’s that emotion, that’s the most important thing,” she said.

This is also the first time when the teams from BiH, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia will all participate in the Eurobasket at the same time.

According to coach and basketball legend Razija Mujanovic, who was inducted in the FIBA Hall of Fame in 2017, Bosnia’s current team “is a very good generation.”

“That chemistry in the team is also very important because for great results you have to have a good atmosphere. All the girls and the professional staff must breathe as one, to understand each other completely. We all have the same goal. It is victory,” she said.

Financial support is very important for the national team, she said, explaining that “if you are financially stable you can organise preparations and travel and the matches that should be played.”

“I would like to point out the general sponsor Telemach, who is greatly supporting us, and together we will achieve new victories,” she said.

“I would like to say that this great success of ours requires little in terms of finances. We are not demanding, we do not ask for much, but really that financial help is necessary and we are much more relieved when we have such a sponsor,” said Deura, thanking the Telemach company.


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