BiH's HoR Dep Speaker: Dodik displayed Israeli flag to spite Sarajevo

NEWS 18.05.2021 19:28
Source: N1

The reason Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu included the Bosnian flag in a recent tweet about countries that support Israel although BiH officials have called for an end to the attacks on Gaza is likely because the Israeli flag was displayed in Banja Luka, the administrative centre of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity, House of Representatives Deputy Speaker, Denis Zvizdic, told N1.

“BiH, which has suffered terrible destruction, cannot be supporting the attacks on Gaza,” Zvizdic said, adding that the Israeli flag in Banja Luka was “displayed by those who consider it justified to kill children and civilians.”


“BiH and officials have made it clear that they are in favour of a ceasefire and a peaceful solution that will stop attacks on Gaza and the killing of civilians,” he stressed.

Zvizic also commented on the Israeli flag in Banja Luka, arguing that it is the result of the efforts of the leader of the ruling party in the RS and current Chairman of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency, Milorad Dodik, to do things opposite to what is being done in Sarajevo at all costs.

The Palestinian flag was recently displayed across Sarajevo’s landmark City Hall to express support for Palestinians.

“The essence of it is that it was done to hurt Bosniaks or Sarajevo, because Dodik always has a tendency to do the opposite of Sarajevo. If by any chance the flag of Israel was on the City Hall, Dodik would certainly put up the flag of Palestine in Banja Luka,” he said.

As for the conflict in Israel and Gaza, Zvizdic said that “the world has again learned nothing from the events in BiH, as it became clear that it learned nothing after WWII.”

“There is no goal in the world that can justify killing civilians. These are civilians, children, women, the elderly. The world could have learned a lot from the case of BiH, but it seems to me that some scenes are being repeated. “


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