BiH's towns showing solidarity one to another after devastating quake

NEWS 25.01.2021 10:29
Source: N1

The City of Trebinje in Bosnia and Herzegovina's south donated some 7,500 euros aid to the northern Kostajnica, which suffered severe damage in recent quakes, expressing solidarity from one corner of the country to another.

City mayor Mirko Curic said the amount of 15 thousand marks (approx 7,500 euros) have already been paid and are available at the account of Kostajnica Municipality.

“This is an important message from all of us for the people in Kostajnica that we are with them, that we sympathise and are ready to show solidarity,” said the mayor.

He also recalled that a group of ten security and rescue officers from Trebinje helped those in Kostajnica at the beginning of the month to repair the damage on buildings.

More than 600 buildings were damaged as a consequence of a strong quake that hit the town at the beginning of the year.


(1 euro = 1.95 marks)quake


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