Bogic Bogicevic elected mayor of Sarajevo!

NEWS 26.03.2021 15:17
Source: N1

Bogic Bogicevic was unanimously elected Sarajevo Mayor, after the Sarajevo City Council Chairman, his deputies and working bodies were elected during the Friday session.

He was elected unanimously. His statement on whether he accepts the position or not is expected.

Jasmin Ademovic election as the Chairman of the Council paved the way for the election of Bogic Bogicevic as the mayor of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, in his letter to the SDP leader two days ago, Bogicevic withdrew his candidacy.

The City Council took a one-hour break to see whether Bogicevic will accept the election or not.

“Given Article 12, paragraph 6, reads ‘Immediately after the election, the elected official should state whether they accept the election. If they refuse, the election of the other candidates will be repeated.’ Since Mr Bogic Bogicevic is not present at the moment, I suggest that we take a one-hour break to give him time to come here and decide whether he accepts or not the post,” said the chairman of the City Council Jasmin Ademovic.

Should he accept the function, Bogicevic would be the 39th Mayor of Sarajevo.


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