Bogic Bogicevic stands by earlier decision, rejects mandate for Sarajevo Mayor

NEWS 26.03.2021 19:20
Source: Anadolija

Bogic Bogicevic, a prominent war-time politician rejected his unanimous election for Sarajevo Mayor in a letter to the Chairman of the City Council, Jasmin Ademovic, standing by his earlier decision to withdraw from the race due to political disagreements.

The following is the full letter Bogicevic send to Ademovic:

Dear Mr Chairman, do not expect my statement on today's ‘election’ for the Mayor of Sarajevo because that vote was completely pointless. Two days ago, I publicly and IRREVOCABLY withdrew my candidacy and informed both the proposer and the public. An IRREVOCABLE withdrawal means a final decision, which cannot be discussed any further.

Therefore, I did not agree to remain a candidate, so I could not have been elected. It is very unfair that no one at today's session even mentioned my IRREVOCABLE withdrawal of the candidacy.

In order to stop further manipulations with my name, please inform the public about the real facts, primarily about the fact that I withdrew my candidacy on March 24, IRREVOCABLY, and that today's vote on me in the Sarajevo City Council was completely pointless and superfluous.

It would only be fair for you to take responsibility for today's events in the City Council, instead of trying to shift the blame on to me, giving me some new deadlines to declare on something I have already IRREVOCABLY declared myself.

I wish you all the best in your further work,” Bogicevic wrote.

During Friday’s session of the Sarajevo City Council, Bogic Bogicevic was unanimously elected for the position of City Mayor.

Earlier this week, Bogicevic withdrew his candidacy for Mayor of Sarajevo in a letter to Nermin Niksic the leader of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), informing him of the decision.

He then clarified that he did not want inter-party relations to be disrupted because of him, nor did he want his name to be used in inappropriate political and election games, which, according to him, were evident during the Sarajevo City Council session.


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