Bogic Bogicevic withdrew his candidacy for Sarajevo Mayor

NEWS 24.03.2021 20:02
Source: N1

Bogic Bogicevic, a prominent Bosnian wartime politician withdrew his candidacy for mayor of Sarajevo. In a letter to Nermin Niksic, the leader of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Bogicevic informed him about the decision.

“I am informing you of my irrevocable decision to withdraw my candidacy for mayor of Sarajevo. It has obviously become a stumbling block in the coalition relations of the Four, which showed evident disunity at today's session of the Sarajevo City Council, on that occasion. That disunity is a kind of message that I am not a desirable candidate for the mentioned responsible position within the Four,” Bogicevic wrote.

Bogicevic pointed out that he did not want inter-party relations to be disturbed because of him, nor did he want his name to be used in inappropriate political and election games, which, as he stated, was what the Wednesday session of the Sarajevo City Council looked like.

“I thank the Social Democratic Party for the trust it has placed in me by running for mayor of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I especially thank that part of the public who showed me great support and respect. Unfortunately, by no fault of my own, their expectations have been betrayed,” said Bogicevic.

The Sarajevo Canton Four are: Our Party (NS), People and Justice (NiP), Social Democratic party (SDP) and independent Assembly members.


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