Bosnia contemplating introducing Covid green cards

NEWS 27.04.2021 14:51
Source: Aerodrom Sarajevo

Bosnia's Civil Affairs Minister, Ankica Gudeljevic, talked with the Director of the Agency for Identification Documents, Records and Data Exchange of BiH (IDDEEA), Arif Nanic, about the potential introduction of COVID cards.

“During the meeting, the two discussed the possibility of introducing ‘green cards’ or ID cards for BiH citizens, following the example of the European Union. The two concluded that BiH has the technical possibilities for the realization of this project,” the Ministry of Civil Affairs said in a statement.
According to the Ministry, the intention is to make an application through which a vaccination certificate will be issued, information that the person has previously contracted COVID-19 or that they have a negative test for coronavirus.
“The goal of this conversation is to find ways to make it easier for BiH citizens to move outside the borders of BiH,” the Ministry said.
They added that there are many questions regarding the best approach to creating the mentioned document, but that it is important to start looking for a solution in time.


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