Bosnia elects new Independent Police Structure Committee

NEWS 09.03.2021 21:15
Source: Fena

The BiH Parliamentary Assembly's Independent Committee for the country's police structure was elected Tuesday, Fena news agency reported.

During the Tuesday session, the Committee members were acquainted with the Decision of both houses of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly appointing Enes Obralija as chair of the Independent Committee for a four-year term, Miso Cavar as first deputy president and Uros Pena as second deputy chair.

By the same decision, Muhamed Mujakic, Enes Bezdrob, Mate Miletic, Nikola Dzambas, Darko Kremenovic and Milan Stanic were appointed members of the Independent Committee.

The members of the Independent Committee were familiarized with the current and agreed on the future way of work of the Independent Committee.

The Committee is an independent body of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, which is responsible for the selection of candidates and proposing the removal of BiH police chiefs and deputy police chiefs of the BiH Border Police, State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) and the BiH Police Coordination Directorate.


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