Bosnia introduces temporary ban on wood assortments exports

NEWS 20.09.2022 15:35
Source: N1

At an extraordinary telephone session, Bosnia’s Council of Ministers adopted a decision on the temporary ban on the export of certain wood assortments and wood products until October 31, 2022.

The decision was made in accordance with the initiatives of the Government of the Republika Srpska and the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and after it was established that the previously adopted decision did not fulfil the goals of its adoption, which are primarily reflected in the enormous increase in the prices of certain wood assortments and wood products.

The aim is to ensure the necessary quantities for the processing industry, eliminate threats of serious or irreparable damage to forests in BiH and prevent critical shortages of firewood for the population and economy, and public institutions in the education, health and social protection sectors which are caused by the crisis in the world energy market.


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